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Kelowna Toyota Clinches Best Retail New Build 2022/2023

Kelowna Toyota Clinches Best Retail New Build 2022/2023

We are pleased to announce that Kelowna Toyota has earned the ‘Best Retail New Build of 2022/23’ at the Thompson Okanagan Building Awards. In a competition that saw numerous applicants from nine cities, the project was recognized among four distinguished finalists, ultimately securing the top spot.


This recognition goes beyond the award; it’s a reflection of thoughtful and cohesive integration with our community and its surroundings. Kelowna Toyota's building successfully blends aesthetic appeal, innovative architectural features, and solutions to the specific developmental needs of the community.


Sustainability Meets Aesthetics
Our journey was marked by meticulous choices in construction materials and an unwavering commitment to exquisite finishes. Every element focused on a dedication to environmental consciousness and sustainability, aspects that were crucial in the evaluative process of the award.


This building is a beacon of our enduring commitment to not only architectural excellence but also to sustainable development and community enhancement. It represents a collaboration of innovation, design, and eco-consciousness, echoing our profound commitment to serving our community with passion and integrity.


A Journey of Collective Team Focus
The award resonates with the collective endeavors and relentless dedication of our invaluable team from Kelowna Toyota and CanadaOne Auto. Their unparalleled skills and devotion have been instrumental in sculpting this architectural development, making them deserving sharers in this esteemed recognition.


We wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has extended their unwavering support and belief in our vision, enabling us to bring this project to life. The overwhelming support has been our pillar, and this triumph is a tribute to the team that has contributed to this remarkable journey.


Motivated for the Future 
Our journey doesn’t pause with this award; it propels us further in our relentless pursuit to create harmonious, superior, and sustainable spaces. We’re more motivated than ever to continue breaking new grounds in architectural brilliance and sustainable practices, elevating our commitment to our community and the environment.


Thank you to HSEA [Hodgson Schilf Evans Architects Inc.], Filmore Construction Co for turning our beautiful building from a dream into a reality.




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